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What’s Exciting at BodiScience?

Our Soldiers Home for the Holidays!

Welcome Home Warriors Treatment: In Tibetan times warriors returned having endured physical and emotional trauma.  Before returning into their communities, therapies were performed to assist in their transition. The highest cast of the society, Rishis and Seers performed work on what is called marma points. These marmas are energy centers that when anointed with oil, release physical, emotional and spiritual trauma from our physical body. We combine a symphony of therapies to aid with PTSD, TBI and concussions. Included are the benefits of massage are unlimited; clarity of mind to improve concentration, relaxation of muscles to increase range of motion, and nurturing of our spirit to rejuvenate our emotions. Included is balancing of the chakras with the purest energy, light.
Special Price for our warriors $75 Regular Price $147
*This service is extended to our military only. Your respect of our policy is appreciated as the discount is intended for our soldiers and one of their immediate family as our gesture to extend service back to our brave soldiers.

Wellness Above & Beyond Face Kur
Limited Time ONLY

Experience resting your mind and body in our knowledgeable hands allowing yourself to experience a deep sense of wellbeing.  You begin on your belly, while we melt the tension in your neck, shoulders and back.  Rollover to then experience our award winning facial, releasing your expression lines and tension that you may be holding in your face and jaw.  Lymphatic stimulation is performed to tighten and tone, diminish fine lines, soothe redness and uncover a glowing complexion.  Acupressure points are performed to release stored tension.  Balancing of your energetic body which includes are chakras is done with pure colored light.  Completing your experience, we apply our 5-color energetic clay mask that balances reflex zones of your face.

We create this by utilizing the wisdom of uncovering your personal biorhythm from your Month, date and year of birth and customizing a treatment just for you!

Our BodiScience Practitioners are skilled in performing an Energetic Assessment of your body and the reflexology of your face.

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$200 Limited time $175 with your certificate.

Claim your $25 dollar *certificate to be used toward our limited time only service, Wellness Above & Beyond Face Kur, when you make your reservation for this treatments now through December 30, 2016.

*Not to be combined with other certificates or specials please. One certificate per person.

Be well and let your light shine!

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Spa Experiences

Spa Experiences are just that, you come to visit allowing yourself to rest your mind and body in our knowledgeable hands. We work therapeutically on the face and body to create transformation on the emotional, physical and spiritual body.

Wellness Experiences

Our Wellness Experiences will combine a Spa Experience treatment with a targeted Energetic Assessment, education of a self-care routine for both, in-spa and home care. We are here as your partner in wellness, whether you are healthy and are seeking to be healthier, or if you are experiencing imbalances that you would like wellness direction to address.

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