Vital Nutrients Workshop

The Next Logical Step in Skin Care—NUTRITION

Outwardly visible, the skin is a mirror of our health. Like other organs in our body, the skin requires certain nutrients for its growth and integrity and needs to be nutritionally fed. Because of this, how we nourish ourselves on the inside greatly influences how we look on the outside. A proper nutritional balance promoting optimal health is essential for beautiful skin.

We will introduce the fundamentals of nutrition and the essential role that proper nutritional status plays in achieving healthy, glowing skin. We will cover more advanced topics and provide a deeper understanding between the relationship of diet, nutrients, hormones, stress, environmental factors and skin health.

Topics will include, a discussion of the signs and symptoms of nutritional imbalances, the effects of stress, inflammation and food sensitivities on skin health and the importance of proper hormone balance. Gain unique insights into the links between nutrition and skin conditions such as acne, fine lines, sun damage and eczema and psoriasis. We will deliver this information from a functional nutrition perspective and will emphasize the importance of viewing the body as a whole when evaluating and treating skin conditions.

We will take skin care to a new dimension uncovering that our nutritional supplement line isn’t just an accessory…it’s a step into the future generation of total skin care and total well-being. We believe that the actual appearance of the skin is improved through balanced nutritional health; hence our motto, “Beauty is health made visible”

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Abhyanga Workshop

Dry skin. Scattered mind. Sluggishness. Trouble sleeping. Feeling low. Are any of these showing up in your life right now? One easy way to promote wellness and to leave those complaints behind is an Ayurvedic technique called abhyanga, or self-massage. Self-massage is a time-tested methodology for promoting health and a sense of wellbeing. Self-massage helps you to walk through your day with more presence and is a reminder of our intimate connection to our “self”

Top 5 reason to practice self-massage:

  1. You’re rejuvenating your body and mind. When you start your day with a 10-minute self-massage, you can meet yourself where you are. A more energetic massage stroke will vitalize the body and mind, which helps if you’ve been feeling mentally or physically sluggish. A more leisurely self-massage while focusing on your breath helps your mind slow down and your body relax.
  2. You’re detoxifying your body’s largest organ. We feel dis-ease because of the accumulation of toxins. As you massage your body, you’re promoting the flushing out of impurities and toxins through your skin. Proper elimination is a key part of feeling energized and ready to engage fully with life. As you massage your body, you’re promoting the flushing out of impurities and toxins through your skin.
  3. You’re stimulating your body’s energetic channels so your energy flows freely. According to Ayurveda, your life force (prana) flows through channels called nadis. Self-massage stimulates your energetic channels, promoting the easy flow of prana through your mind and body. Prana is your body’s natural intelligence and when it’s flowing properly your body’s innate healing power is activated.
  4. You’re promoting youthfulness. Self-massage increases your vibrancy, promoting soft and lustrous skin. Its detoxifying, energetic, and balancing effects promote the qualities we associate with being youthful, such as resilience, joy, and vitality.
  5. You’re nurturing yourself. Self-massage is one of the most incredible acts of self-kindness and love . By taking 10 minutes each morning for this practice, you turn off your inner critic, and you turn on your ability to relax into that part of you that is pure being, beauty, and bliss.

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PediKarma Workshop

Our feet are often out of sight and out of mind—until they begin to hurt. Here’s the good news, Ayurvedic treatments can provide relief by creating a strong foundation that enlivens the body from the ground up.

In the Vedas, the feet are referred to as “organs of action.” They are the body’s foundation, structured to support its weight and provide a mobile platform in a variety of terrains. Just imagine: if the foundation of a house is weak, the entire structure begins to creak and buckle. In the same way, a weak foundation in your feet creates problems in your legs, knees, hips, back, shoulders, and neck, causing muscle tension, postural imbalances, and fatigue.

According to Ayurveda, reflexology, and other ancient healing systems, your feet are mirrors for the rest of the body. If you’re holding tension in your feet right now, you’re probably holding tension in other parts of your body, too. And when your feet are tired, your entire body is tired. Beyond their function as the foundation for our posture, our feet also affect the flow of energy through the entire body. Just as a tree draws nourishment from its roots to fortify all its limbs, we can use our feet to draw energy upward from the earth. By simple foot massage of energetic points we experience a sense of lightness, connection, and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Ayurveda has a network of points that we refer to as Marma points. These points are intricately related to how we step through our loves. Imagine these points as eyes. As we walk through life we take in information and our marmas are best when they have a slight soft gaze. Many of us may have closed marmas from stress and lifestyle or wide open marmas from overstimulation. When they are in balance we feel our best.

One key marma point in the foot, the kurchashira marma, governs posture and establishes harmony in the muscular system of the foot in particular, and in the body overall. It is located just forward of the heel, beneath the cuboid bone at the high point of the arch. In Chinese medicine, this acupuncture point is known as Bubbling Brook—a perfect analogy, since it suggests a lively bubbling of energy in the soles of the feet!

Join us to learn how to care for your feet.

Price $35