Wellness Treatments:

Uncover your personal biorhythm and energetic assessment. Understanding your unique essence is key to knowing how to proactively nurture and nourish your mind, body and spirit. The body is not simply matter (fluids and solids), but also vital energy (prana, chi, ki). It provides vitality and intelligent information throughout our body. That flow needs to stay balanced. The body is an energetic network interconnecting all parts through pathways (acupuncture meridians), energetic centers (chakras) and energy fields. As a result, our skin—the largest organ of the body—is a reflexive organ providing telltale signs of what is going on within our body. That is why our motto is “Beauty is Health Made Visible!” and that proper skincare is a key element in achieving and maintaining wellness.

Learn about your individual Personal Biorhythm and what products will assist you in achieving your goals. Add this informative session in to any one of your treatments.


  With our Master Esthetician $45


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most flexible and responsive to change” 

One of the puzzle pieces to obtaining wellness is practicing yoga. Today yoga can be found everywhere and any type you may be seeking. Some people seek hot yoga, some like traditional vinyasana yoga and many people are attracted to yogalattes.

I have been practicing Asthanga and Hatha yoga for many years, beginning as a child. It is one of the secrets that assist my mind and body to maintain flexibility and stamina. I find that many people think that yoga has to be strenuous or it is performing positions that you may not be able to get into. I would like to introduce to you an authentic yoga practice that will be comfortable for your body and create remarkable results.

Save the date April 22nd 2017 for you to visit with us to begin on your journey of yoga. Small intimate classes with our intuitive yoga instructor to guide you in a safe and sacred environment.

Start Date:  April 15th Saturday

Time:  9:00am

Length: 108 minutes 

Commitment 8 weeks for special price $240

Drop in $35 each class