Wei Chi and Well-Being

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Be aware when things are out of balance. –Tao Te Ching

Let us delve deeper into the understanding of vital energy. This topic will focus on the role of emotions that can so deeply affect our state of well-being, the quality of our relationships and enhance our understanding of who we are and also of how we function.

Many of our clients have been exposed to a fair amount of information regarding the concept of vital energy common to all energy medicine but particularly common to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Unique to TCM is the 5-Element Theory that explains the five aspects or phases of the invisible energy patterns that affect all of us and our entire environment.

The 5-element model provides a logical and systematic way to classify and analyze just about everything about and around us–from the macrocosm to the microcosm. It is also a way to understand who we are and provides a way to understand ourselves in order to achieve a degree of mastery or control over what affects us positively or not, internally and externally, all with the goal of maintaining some balance. This model assists us to diagnose the reasons for any imbalance so that we may uncover a remedy for the imbalance.

In our approach, we have talked about vital energy simply as “chi” with the understanding that chi needs to flow in order to avoid imbalance or blockages. In fact, there are still more subtle differences that we must consider.

We have often used two of our favorite quotes:

  • The physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields. Richard Gerber, M.D. in his book, Vibrational Medicine.
  • Your body is a field of energy, information, and intelligence capable of perpetual healing, renewal, and transformation. Deepak Chopra, M.D. in his book, Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps to Reverse Aging.

The energy fields these two authors refer to are both internal and external to our physical body. We use the general term “aura” for the external fields, and the vital energy that protects the aura is called Wei Chi. Its specific function is to guard and protect the aura, our external energy field.

The seminal Chinese text, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic, gives the following information about the sources of Wei Chi power and its attackers.

Sources of Wei Chi power:

  1. Ancestral energy (from the mother)
  2. What we eat and drink
  3. The air we breathe
  4. The relationships we have with friends and family

While we have no control over the first source, we have degrees of controls over the second and third sources. This depends, of course, on our awareness and willingness to practice some discipline to maintain a nourishing and balanced way of life.

The fourth source may be surprising. It means that we are fed by the emotional qualities of our relationships and by the emotions we derive from them.

Wei Chi is under attack from two different fronts:

  1. The 5 devils
  2. The 5 emotions

The 5 devils are the “cosmic” energies that translate in:

  • Wind during the Wood/Spring season
  • Heat during the Fire/Summer season
  • Dampness during the inter-season of Earth
  • Dryness during the Metal/Fall season
  • Cold during the Water/Winter season

We can escape from these climatic conditions when they get extreme by moving someplace else, but that is not often possible. Therefore, by and large, we have little to no control over their aggressive effects.

In our next blog post, we’ll explore the five emotions and how deeply they affect all aspects of our lives including the physical. Stay tuned.


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Dawn Tardif, Founder and President of BodiScience Wellness Center & Spa since 1990, has more than 25 years in the health, wellness and spa industry. Ms. Tardif earned her degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from the International Ayurvedic Institute in 1999. She studied with top Ayurvedic leaders Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Melanie and Robert Sachs and Eve Taylor in her pursuit to become a master in the field of wellness. Ms. Tardif also holds certifications in Allopathic Medicine from the Boston University Mini-Medical School as well as Anti-aging Nutrition and Clinical Aromatherapy. Her commitment to continual education is the foundation of delivering the latest results-oriented treatments to her sophisticated clientele who seek out her innovative approach to health and wellness.

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