Transformation is a time of renewal, when you feel you need to create a change in your well-being and you are not certain as to what you need, let us create an experience for you.           3.0 hour treatment with 1/2 hour consultation and product regimen $295

BodiBliss Experience
Bliss is a state of happiness that creates a sense of unknowing of anything else existsing. We begin your experience with PediKarma™ inspired by the Indian foot massage treatment called Kansa Vataki and the Padaprakshalana ceremony in which the feet are respectfully and loving bathed as an acknowledgment of the beauty and goodness that is our true nature. Followed by our Energetic Ayurvedic Body Treatment and then our 5 Clay Facial with our Tibetan Shirodhara. $475

Above & Beyond Ritual
When we align above & beyond treatments together we create an exceptional experience to rest your mind, melt tension and  leave a lasting impression. Our Above & Beyond Foot Treatment starts your experience followed by our Above & Beyond Face Treatment and then our Chakra Hand Ritual. $320

Couple’s Retreat
Taking time to rest your mind and re-establish bonds. Begin seated next to one another to experience our Above & Beyond Foot Treatment, followed by our Energetic Ayurvedic Body Treatment in our couple’s room followed by our 5 Clay Phyto Face treatment. $595

Caregiver Ritual
A little respite and relaxation is the perfect recipe for reminding them how important it is to care for themselves. For most family caregivers, the day never ends. They must be alert 24/7. This impacts every facet of their well-being, stress, lack of sleep, poor eating and the inability to pursue their own goals. It may lead to depression, anxiety, diminished cardiovascular function and other issues creating their own health risks. To avoid this, we need to tend to the caregiver. Our PediKarma Foot Treatment followed by our Above & Beyond Face Treatment to complete their experience is what our wellness center has ordered. A perfect gift is a purchase of 12 or 6 experiences allowing for the caregiver to not only be away physically but mentally to recharge! Give them permission to not feel guilty and wipe out the reasons for them to feel they are the only one that can do the job. $295

Mother 2 Be Ritual
Mother to be needs special nourishing for two, Our SpaRitual Foot Treatment is a perfect start, followed by our Pregnancy treatment and our Chakra Hand treatment. Massage has benefits for baby and mother. As mumma receives massage the baby’s immune system and cognitive ability is strengthened, their lungs are more developed and overall well being enhanced. Attention to the feet and hands may be accented with pink or blue polish! $235

Restoring Your Light Ritual\
Restoring your energy begins with an ancient ritual called PediKarma™ is inspired by the Indian foot massage treatment called Kansa Vataki and the Padaprakshalana ceremony in which the feet are respectfully and loving bathed as an acknowledgment of the beauty and goodness that is our true nature. You will journey through a tranquil symphony of energetic points that awaken the body’s natural energetic rhythm to induce a deep state of relaxation. Marma points are stimulated on your back down to your toes. Relinquish all concerns and immerse yourself in a sense of nurturing to balance your spirit. Restoring Your Light incorporates Shirodhara which is traditionally used to calm the nerves, harmonize vata constitutions, release stored emotions, and purify the mind. In Ayurvedic Medicine, it is considered an important tool in the pursuit of higher states of consciousness. Assist with headaches, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and mental exhaustion. $245

Next Stage of your Life Ritual
Moving through the stages of our lives leads us through mind, body and spirit changes that are not inevitable. Uncover through treatments how you may nourish your body to move through the stages of your life with ease, joy and balance. Experience our Above & Beyond Face and breast treatment along with our Body Contouring treatment with attention to the majority of our lymphatic system which is the breast area. $365

Mother & Daughter Ritual
Teaching your daughter how she should care and nurture her body is a mother’s gift. Daughter’s learn from how their mother’s nourish themselves and they seek to admire and learn from their mother’s. Create an afternoon for you and your daughter. Begin with our PediKarma, inspired by the Indian foot massage treatment called Kansa Vataki and the Padaprakshalana ceremony in which the feet are respectfully and loving bathed as an acknowledgment of the beauty and goodness that is our true nature. Followed by our Energetic Ayurvedic Body Treatment and a light lunch to reconnect.$459

Lady in Pink Ritual
Breast cancer survival needs specific tender care with scar tissue, discomfort and healing.  Our Chromatheray is gentle and therapeutic to assist the body to heal and prevent and repair scar tissue, rest your mind and body in our hands and we will create an experience to soothe your mind. Experience our Above & Beyond Facial, Chromatherapy to balance your chakras and to address repair of scar tissue. $287

Ananda Restorative Ritual
Based on an ancient philosophy called Ayurveda, which is the oldest complete medical system in the world today. Consistently and quietly for the last 6000 year it has been sharing the secret of well-being, flawless skin and inner contentment with anyone who is willing to take time to go deeper than the surface layer and discover what really makes a lasting difference. Ayurveda is often called “the Mother of all healing” because the treatments demonstrate the finest qualities of a mother ~ love and respect for each and every client, gentleness, understanding and unconditional support. It is also the source of so many other modalities (types of services) that we use today; reflexology, polarity, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, kinesiology, nutrition, acupuncture, color therapy and much more. Ayurvedic treatment creates a deeper awareness of how your body and your experiences are interrelated

Take a journey with a symphony of treatments designed to guide you into deep relaxation. We guide you through a full-body experience that includes a massage of your face, neck and shoulders in an ergonomically designed chair, followed by a cleansing steam and then a dry-exfoliation precedes a rhythmic, friction massage with your specific dosha massage blend. An herbal infused Steam Bath canopy warms you with aromatic steam. Shirodhara takes you on a journey through a seamless rhythm of techniques to allow for subtle but yet profound transformation. 3.0 hours  $595 Temporarily not available

*Experiencing BodiScience treatments prior to this service is highly recommended as this is not an experience for a first time visit.


Tibetan Slumber Ritual
A recent survey found that more people are sleeping less than six hours a night, and sleep difficulties visit 75% of us at least a few nights per week. A short-lived bout of insomnia is generally nothing to worry about. The bigger concern is chronic sleep loss, which can contribute to health problems such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and a decrease in the immune system’s power. To address the problem of insomnia that many clients suffer with, we combine a unique form of reflexology, using herbal oils and lotions, abdominal massage, and a traditional Tibetan marma sequence to help induce sleep and improve the quality of rest. Learn how you can improve your sleep habits. Includes Ayurvedic Herbs to take home  $215

Warrior Ritual Our world is filled with challenges on our time, body, mind and energy. Ancient Tibetan rituals utilized secret points to re-balance the physical, mental and spiritual body after emotional or physical trauma. As we move through our daily lives we all need support and nurturing. This treatment addresses the internal, physical and mental stress and allows us to emerge lighter in spirit, mind and body. This treatment was created for our soldier coming home. Anyone who has been under emotional or physical trauma will experience remarkable benefits. (for our soldiers only please)  $97

Visit Post Destination Spa Ritual
You have taken time out to go to a destination spa thinking a getaway is just what you needed. What do you do when you come home? How do take care of yourself throughout the year? Uncover a regimen that will keep you balanced as you move through life so that you may learn how to feel your best all the time. The key to keeping stress at bay is to have a system in place that allows you to interact with our world not react to it. Taking a week or two out of your life to delve into a spa vacation can be counter-productive. Indulging in a vigorous workout and then not working out for the remainder of the year or month will not bring about the benefits you may be seeking. Let’s take time to create a regimen for you now that you have had a taste of how good you can feel. This visit includes a customized treatment and 20 minutes of consultation. $275