• Facial Rituals
  • Above & Beyond Facial

    If you are seeking deep relaxation, experience the sense of well-being that we are known for. Let us create a unique experience to nurture your skin and nurture your soul. Your treatment begins with a massage of your back, neck, shoulders and arms is just the beginning of melting the tension your body may be holding onto. We perform our 5 Clay Balancing Face Kür with an energetic balancing of your charkas and a foot massage with attention to reflex zones. It is a relaxing combination of body massage along with attention to your face, head neck and shoulders.


     $215 with Master Esthetician

    BodiScience Facial & Breast Treatment

    Our breasts hold the majority of our lymphatic nodes & glands. This translates into an area that needs the most attention. Moving the lymphatic fluid will assist the body’s natural ability to release toxins, strengthen the immune system and help with the prevention of breast issues. The breast is an intricate part of your health. By including the breast with your facial you achieve optimum results for vibrant skin. Benefits include diminishing symptoms of PMS, menopause, fibroid cysts and breast tenderness.


    Specialty Eye Lift Facial Treatment

    The eyes are the windows to the soul. The delicate tissue around the eyes is addressed, during a Customized Facial treatment, to diminish fine lines, eliminate fluid from puffy eyes and brighten dark circles.

     $210 with Master Esthetician

    5 Clay Balancing Face Kür

    Bring yourself back into harmony with nature. A reflective energetic treatment for the face, that also enhances the body’s sense of well-being. Combining vibration therapy using five color clays rich in essential oils to balance skin that reflects a combination of conditions. This energetic mask leaves your skin with an even tone and a luminous complexion.

    Seasonal Element Facial

    This face treatment combines light therapy & lymph drainage helping to facilitate the movements of fluids, eliminating toxins, improving circulation, stimulating collagen, and toning the skin. Suggested for the seasonal changes that have an impact on our physical and energetic body.

     $142 with Master Esthetician

    Phyto 5 Face Treatment

    Take 45 minutes to rest your mind, release expression lines and have a quiet moment to unwind in a brief escape. A compressed Facial treatment that allows for your mind to rest with massage, energetic essential oils and an energetic clay mask.

    Ageless Face Treatment

    This luxurious anti-aging solution is effective yet natural and holistic, in contrast to more common invasive solutions. The synergy of the pure organic gentle peel and serums achieves a younger looking more radiant skin after one treatment. Essential hydration, wrinkles filled from within, age defying anti-oxidants delivers lifting toning and firming.

      $165 with Master Esthetician

    Pre & Post Face Treatment

    Before or after care is extremely important once you have made the decision to have any medical esthetic procedures performed. Our nourishing products, methods and techniques, along with the state-of-the-art equipment are designed to assist the healing process of these procedures. It is important to maintain the results you may have achieved. If you do not change your habits of taking care of your skin, you will need to continue to experience the same aging of the skin. If you feel you need to make the decision of micro-dermabrasion, lifts or resurfacing, we will guide you through the right maintenance program for your pre or post care.