Body Bronzing 30 mins
Would you like the look of the islands, but without the harmful rays of the sun? Let us drape you with a summer glow that looks liked you were kissed by the sun. This treatment leaves you golden. Your skin is gently exfoliated prior to the application of a formula that stimulates your natural tan color. $77

Stress Relieving Treatment
Melting into an ergonomically designed chair that cradles your body as we massage your back, neck, head and shoulders is a perfect way to have a little time out for 20 minutes of bliss. $30

Foot Bath and Tea
Bathing is a ritual that was the inception of the spa concept. When you immerse your body into a bath you are addressing 90% of your body with therapeutic ingredients. This unfolds numerous benefits that you can see and feel. Let us introduce you to a therapeutic foot bath that will balance your energetic body and quiet your mind. $67