Welcome Home Warriors Treatment

In Tibetan times warriors returned having endured physical and emotional trauma.  Before returning into their communities, therapies were performed to assist in their transition. The highest cast of the society, Rishis and Seers performed work on what is called marma points. These marmas are energy centers that when anointed with oil, release physical, emotional and spiritual trauma from our physical body. We combine a symphony of therapies to aid with PTSD, TBI and concussions. Included are the benefits of massage are unlimited; clarity of mind to improve concentration, relaxation of muscles to increase range of motion, and nurturing of our spirit to rejuvenate our emotions. Included is balancing of the chakras with the purest energy, light.

Special Price for our warriors $75 Regular Price $147
*This service is extended to our military only. Your respect of our policy is appreciated as the discount is intended for our soldiers and one of their immediate family as our gesture to extend service back to our brave soldiers.

Energetic Ayurvedic Body Treatment

Are you feeling like you need a massage? The benefits of massage are unlimited; clarity of mind to improve concentration, relaxation of muscles to increase range of motion, and nurturing of your spirit to rejuvenate your emotions. You are guided to experience a sensory journey of Ayurvedic essential oils for you to personalize your treatment. These oils are nutrition for your skin, deeply nourishing and strengthening the entire body. A blend of acupressure point massage, reflexology, vital energy points and Swedish techniques are performed to soothe and release your muscles.

  $135 with Master Esthetician

  $140 Including Breast & Belly 80 minutes

  $165 with Master Esthetician

Body Contouring Kur

Essential oils are draped upon your scalp to awaken subtle energies of your meridians. You experience a warming of your body to stimulate circulation. Extracts of essential oils are massage into your body followed by gentle lymphatic stimulation to diminish water retention, improve texture, firm and tone your body. Your body is enveloped in an energetic clay to balance your body’s energy. An intricate part of wellness, recover from surgery, gentle detoxing, jet lag and many other imbalances.

  $270 with Master Esthetician

 $260 Include Breast & Arms

  $350 with Master Esthetician

Releasing Back Treatment

We hold the world on our shoulders and our back, neck and scalp carry the tension. Feel your muscles melt as we focus on releasing the tension your body is holding. A nice way to take a little time out of your day or to add to one of our other spa experiences.

Couples Treatment 

Take time to enjoy one another. We will slip your feet into a silky bath while you begin your treatment in our couples’ room. The two of you will receive our Energetic Ayurvedic Body Treatment to soothe your muscles, calm your mind and re-establish bonds after a long day.

Pre & Post Surgery Body Treatment

Before or after care is extremely important once you have made the decision to have any medical procedures performed. Our line of products, along with the state-of-the-art equipment are designed to assist the healing process of these procedures. It is important to maintain the results you may have achieved. If you do not change your habits of taking care of your body, you will need to continue to have invasive procedure done. If you feel you need to make the decision of liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck we will guide you through the right maintenance program for your pre or post care.