25 years of wisdom and practice in the wellness industry.

You may select an experience of a Spa Experience treatment, a Wellness Experience treatment or a more formal visit with a Wellness Coaching appointment with the founder.

Our treatments are based on ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Take a moment to review one of our Spa Experiences or a Wellness Experience, to select the focus of your visit.

Spa Experiences

Spa Experiences are just that, you come to visit allowing yourself to rest your mind and body in our knowledgeable hands.

We work therapeutically on the face and body to create transformation on the emotional, physical and spiritual body.

Wellness Experiences

Our Wellness Experiences will combine a Spa Experience treatment with a targeted Energetic Assessment, education of a self-care routine for both, in-spa and home care. We are here as your partner in wellness, whether you are healthy and are seeking to be healthier, or if you are experiencing imbalances that you would like wellness direction to address.