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Professional Ayurvedic Class Descriptions

Tibetan Shirodhara

The Tibetan Shirodhara treatment is a seamless combination of four stress-reducing Tibetan Marma point massage protocols that lead into Shirodhara: pouring a fine stream of warm oil over the forehead. The result is profoundly relaxing 90 minute service that places your client in a place of deep relaxation for renewal and a positive, reflective place where they can experience an enriched sense of personal awareness, peace and clarity.

The Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation

We are pleased to offer this three-day exclusive training in one of the most sought after face massage techniques developed by Melanie Sachs in accordance with Traditional Ayurvedic principles and featured in her Ayurvedic Beauty Care Book and video. This Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation sequence is a 60-minute hands-on service that has three components. It is a unique combination of gentle, balancing touch, use of Marma points and stimulating scalp and ear massage using aromatic oils and or lotions to deeply calm, refresh, and re-energizing one’s whole face and being.

Tibetan Chakra Stone Treatment

Diamond Way Ayurveda’s Tibetan Chakra Stone Massage introduces to the spa and beauty industries the powerful healing and empowering methods of eastern Tantra. It is a treatment that is engages the therapist and the client in an interactive, full body and mind meditation. For clients who want to take their treatments to a new level, this begins the journey.