Our Techniques/Equipment:

Our techniques, systems and methods use certified organic products, cosmeceuticals, Bio-Ceutical, Phyto-Ceutical, paraben free and they are Eco Cert. Our product line is manufactured in Switzerland not “formulated” in Switzerland (products “formulated” in Switzerland are basically an intellectual exercise). The standard for a company to follow outside of the country such as Switzerland needs to meet higher standards and levels of manufacturing than a US manufactured skincare line.

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light-machineOur techniques are developed by our founder and each BodiScience practitioner is skilled and trained so that you may receive the same quality treatment so that you feel confident you do not have to try or seek out the “best” therapist. We encourage you to visit with all of our practitioners, it is not only good for you to been seen by all of us to give you a complete wellness approach, it is also good for us. Being with the same client for weeks, months or years may develop a comfortable routine that may need change to keep advancing and enhancing your results.

Our methods are based on the ancient philosophies of Ayurvedic and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) These ancient systems are proven to bring better health and balance on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.
We believe that true wellness is not just the absence of disease. We gain balance when there is coherence
between what we believe, what we think and what we do. Allowing our body, our mind and our spirit to come into
an energetic alignment brings us closer to our true self which brings energy, happiness, flexibility, adaptability and creates an expression of joyfulness that can be seen in all we do.