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Our techniques, systems and methods use certified organic products, cosmeceuticals, Bio-Ceutical, Phyto-Ceutical, paraben free and they are Eco Certified. Our product line is manufactured in Switzerland not “formulated” in Switzerland (products “formulated” in Switzerland are basically an intellectual exercise). The standard for a company to follow outside of the country such as Switzerland needs to meet higher standards and levels of manufacturing than a US manufactured skincare line.





Light-Therapy is a treatment system based on the healing and re-balancing properties of light energy. Each color in the spectrum of natural light has specific properties corresponding to their range of frequencies. There is an energetic correspondence between those ranges and the energies of each of the organs and their acupuncture meridians. It is the same with the seven charkas or energy centers. The light used is very safe as it includes none of the frequencies outside of the “visible spectrum”. No infrared or ultraviolet frequencies are used, neither are they necessary.

Pure and precise ranges of frequencies of light are applied on specific acupuncture points, reflex zones, and charkas. Light can be combined with lymphatic drainage to target other fluids and restore an optimum energetic balance. Light can be used in improving all skin conditions and in serious slimming treatments. It has proven to be very useful pre and post surgery. Aesthetically, light can be used to create a dramatically visible “lifting” effect and a marked, long-lasting improvement in appearance as well as in our sense of well-being.



Biodrainer is a method that is designed to perform a highly effective Lymphatic stimulation. It features a “suction-repulsion” process with adjustable strength and rhythm. There are several sets of cups of different sizes for body and face drainage. The Biodraineur performs a high quality and fast drainage. It should be a must in all slimming treatments as well as for any skin condition associated with toxicity. Lymphatic stimulation gently drains fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions and brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. This method allows for you to experience clear skin, even complexion, diminish redness, clear acne, tighten tone, balance hydration and repair skin tissue.




The Biostimulateur is programmed to reproduce the ideal frequency of the 5 Yin organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys) and the 5 Yang organs (gallbladder, small intestine, large intestine, stomach, and bladder) according to the theory of the Chinese Five Elements.

Application of the correct frequency (no electric current is involved) on the appropriate acupuncture point will re-educate the organ to its ideal rhythm. The same action can be performed over the reflex zone of any organ which shows imbalance as indicated by the skin condition in that area. Vibration is a powerful method of working on the body. We utilize this method to assist your body with energetic balance. A few examples are; during our Eye Treatment Facial we use this method combines with the Chromapuncture to stimulate points around your eyes to brighten them, diminish fine lines and tighten and tone the eye area. We utilize this method on key acupuncture points to balance your body’s energy.